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Balance your mind and body with your
own healing Power.



I come from a very diverse and multicultural background, which has shaped and influenced me greatly. 
My parents are both Spanish and immigrated to Germany before my birth. I was blessed to have a beautiful childhood in Germany the place I call home besides Mexico.
Since an early age I had a special interest in music, art and dance, which my parents always encouraged. 
My passion and natural talent for creative expression like drawing and painting lead me to start a Makeup-Artist training in a theater. 
Three years after receiving my certification and working as a professional Makeup-Artist full time my mother was diagnosed with cancer and passed shortly after. 
The loss of my mother deeply shifted something inside me. I started to see life from a different perspective. I quit my job at the theater and started to work as a Freelance Makeup-Artist. It didn't take long until my business started to take off big time. I was booked for well known Magazines and renowned fashion companies. At first it seemed exciting to be surrounded by glamour, beauty and wealth. I was working with incredibly talented Photographers, Models and companies. 
After a while I started to notice another side to this business. Long working hours, high pressure, constant travel, tight deadlines and a lot of stress were taking a toll on my mental and physical health. I also felt a lack of meaning to my profession. 
After 17 years I decided to put a hold on all of this. I always felt a strong desire to help and contribute to people's lives in a meaningful way. I chose to give myself the time and space to explore this during a longer break in Mexico.
My spiritual journey started many years before this decision. I have been exploring alternative healing modalities like Yoga, Meditation, Breathwork and Plant Medicine with an infinite curiosity. I knew our mental, physical and spiritual health were connected and I wanted to learn more about it.
The moment I chose to give my full attention and energy to the things that truly interest and excite me, like how the mind works and the incredible healing powers of our body, opportunities started opening up for me. That was the moment where my path changed and my true purpose was revealed.
I felt a  strong call to work with people, to serve others. I started a Yoga teacher training in Guatemala, did my Reiki Master, learned various meditation techniques and spent my free time in a silent monastery practicing Vipassana.
During this phase of exploration I discovered Breathwork and Dolores Cannon and her amazing work.
Dolores Cannon is a remarkable American Hypnotherapist who revolutionized the use of hypnosis in therapy back in the 70’s. Reading about her life and medical cases left me in awe and eager to learn more. With more and more experiece i decided to combine Brethwork and her Hypnose techniques. Braethwork and Hypnose are in my opinion the keys to get in touch with our subconsciousness and open a gateway to a depper understanding. My true purpose was revealed, a decision was made, my intention was clear and here I am.




This is the Dolores Cannon method of QHHT also know as Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique. QHHT is a quantum science body-mind-spirit modality which is dedicated to offering one of a kind life transformational and healing opportunities to the client.  To discover and receive dynamic and profound transformation generally only requires a one off session that usually take around 4-5 hours.  

The success of your session only requires your own god giving free will to make the choice to have one and be open and willing to embrace what unfolds for your highest and best good, healing and freedom.  The actual quantum hypnosis part of the session has been compared by clients to something like a guided meditation journey.
However in actuality it is much more than this. 

"You can't solve a problem from the same level of thinking that created the problem" Albert Einstein.

These session offer a easy opportunity to go beyond what has created the life problems, health issues, confusions and overwhelms by discovering and understanding what are the patterns that have create them in the 1st place and what are there messages. A QHHT session shines the light on your own inner awareness or deep subconscious ~ super conscious mind from which to access a broader view of the bigger picture taking place and your unique pathway for resolution. This includes the 'how to' of moving in the direction of your creating your preferred life experiences in health, relationship, abundance, spiritually and any other facet you are interested to learn more about 
Breathwork, on the other hand, is an active form of meditation that allows us to disconnect from the mind and be guided by our body and heart. As we breathe out thoughts, beliefs, memories, actions that do not support our growth, we return to our wholeness and feel more equipped to handle stress, anxiety, and lingering trauma.


What is Hypnosis? 

Hypnosis is a state of focused awareness. When the mind focuses fully on something it tends to exclude everything else. For example when we watch a movie, or when we have a chat with a friend we haven’t seen for a long time and time seems to pass at an incredible speed… “my goodness! it’s been 2 hours!”
Hypnosis is a state of mental and often physical relaxation, very similar to the state you experience just before falling asleep, or just before waking up in the morning.
During this time the subconscious mind is very receptive and can quickly access stored information.
Body asleep, mind awake: during hypnosis your body relaxes deeply and your mind becomes more aware than other times so:

• You are aware of everything, you can hear everything (you never lose consciousness)
• You don’t fall asleep
• You are always in control of yourself

Can anyone be hypnotised?

Absolutely yes. Clients are always in control in the therapy room, so if they wish not to go into trance or they create an unconscious resistance then they will not go into trance. Marisol will take time to ensure that a patient feels fully comfortable and prepared for a trance state. If there are underlying problems such as feeling out of control this will be discussed and treated out of trance so that in later sessions hypnosis will be available to the client if they so wish.

The truth is, we have all experienced ‘hypnosis’ before and continue to experience it everyday, therefore it is a familiar state for everyone.
Every person is different, therefore every session is tailored to each individual considering their problem and circumstances.
Some people feel they have accomplished their goal in one session; others may need more.

You are the one who decides how many sessions and how often.

How many sessions will I need?

The sessions are always one on one and NOT Online. Offerd in English, German and Spanish. 

in wich Language is the Session? 


Marisol has a natural gift for this work. She is able to make you feel super safe and welcome and takes her time to make sure she understands your background and questions. It is really much more than just a “ordinary Hypnosis”. It’s like a journey through time and space into the deepest layers of yourself. You can tell that Marisol is very passionate about her work and she has a curious nature which makes it easy for her to come up with important questions that I had missed at first. 


I had a very powerful experience and got answers to questions I didn’t even knew I had. Over the course of the last 5 years I have tried many different holistic and alternative healing tools and practises and QHHT with Marisol was one of the highlights. 


Thank You so much Marisol. I can only imagine how many souls will benefit from you sharing this work. Bless you.

 Im intrested in a Session

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Marisol Caballero Prada

Hypnose Therapist * Reiki Master * Yoga Teacher

based in Germany, Hannover * Mexico, Tulum



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